Monday, January 31, 2011

Welcome to the new Designs by Debi Handmade Jewelry Blog!

 I'm glad you're here! Most of you may know that I've had a "Site Blog" since the website went live to update you when new pages are added to the site. Well, I've decided that I want a traditional blog, too. I want to get to know you, interact with you and be able to share things with you... sometimes about jewelry, sometimes not. And I hope you'll share with me, too.

My name is Debi Auger and I live in Woonsocket, RI. I'm an Eskie Mom... to a 12 year old American Eskimo named Niko. He's my child with 4 paws and the light of my life. Isn't he cute?

 I also suffer from insomnia as you may have noticed from the time of this post :)

 I'm the designer behind Designs by Debi and the owner of it's parent company, Makana Mai Akua, Inc. (The name is Hawaiian and means 'gift from God.') I was blessed during a very difficult time to find the talent I had to design jewelry. I specialize in custom work and one-of-a-kind pieces and that's where most of my business comes from.

I offer quite a few personalized bracelet designs for custom order. I now have 5 kinds of Keepsake Bracelets -- Name/Birthstone, Pet Name, Couples, Family and Generations. I also have Support Your Soldier Bracelets™Rainbow Bridge Pet Memorial Bracelets™Remember 9/11 Memorial Bracelets™ and Awareness Bracelets for all causes.

The knack I have to create meaningful jewelry with sentimental value is a wonderful gift. It gives me a great deal of satisfaction to work on these designs and get to know the person enough to make them truly special.

That's another reason I created this share thoughts, designs and ideas and gain inspiration by getting to know you.

I hope to make this a nice place that you'll look forward to visiting... grabbing a cup of coffee and dropping by to hear the latest and join in the conversation! I hope you'll subscribe to the feed, stop by often and enjoy your time here :)

Thanx for visiting.
All the best,