Friday, April 22, 2011

Personalized Keepsake Bracelets Make a Perfect Mother's Day Gift


I know that for many of us this is Easter weekend, but Mother's Day is also not far behind. Have you gotten something for your Mom yet? Still trying to decide what to get? My Personalized Keepsake Bracelets make the perfect Mother's Day gift. They come in 5 Designs, 12 Styles, 90 possible bead combinations, a range of prices and can be a single strand or up to four strands. Choices, choices, choices!!

You can find them on my website in the Personalized Keepsake Bracelets Boutique. You can also find them in my ArtFire Studio (look under Studio Sections on the right side ~ the top 5 choices are the Keepsake Bracelets in various designs). Want a quick peek at each? Ok...

The first design is the Name/Birthstone Keepsake Bracelet. Here's a sample of one of the Isabella Styles:
Personalized Keepsake Name Bracelet ~ Isabella Style Sterling Silver

The second is the Pet Name Keepsake Bracelet ~ can't forget the Pet Moms!! Here's a sample of one of the Kiara Styles:
Pet Name Keepsake Bracelet ~ Kiara Style Sterling Silver

The third is the Couples Keepsake Bracelet. Here's a sample of one of the Karen Styles:
Couples Keepsake Bracelet ~ Karen Style Sterling Silver

The fourth and fifth options are wonderful ways to include an entire immediate or extended family in birthstones on a single strand. The fourth is the Family Keepsake Bracelet and includes Mom, Dad and Children. Here's a sample of one of the Ali Styles:
Family Keepsake Bracelet ~ Ali Style Pearls

And the fifth design is the Generations Keepsake Bracelet where you can put Grandma, Grandpa, Children and Grandchildren all on one strand. Here's a sample of one of the Melania Styles:
Generations Keepsake Bracelet ~ Melania Style Sterling Silver

If you're not sure what to do for a Mother, Grandmother, Nana or Godmother for Mother's Day stop over and take a look... one of these bracelets might be just the thing. They're a wonderfully meaningful gift that will be treasured for a lifetime. The easiest place to start is with the Personalized Keepsake Bracelet Ordering Guide that I put together because it will guide you through selecting the design, choosing your options, price lists, etc. You can check out the Personalized Keepsake Bracelets Gallery to see some of the ones I've done and get ideas. And, of course, if you have questions or need help, I'm right here..... Contact Me anytime.

Have a Happy Easter!

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♥ Debi

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