Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Getting Ready for Fall?

Are you getting ready for fall? Personally, I'm a summer person so the thought of the fall season coming so fast has me less than thrilled to say the least. But I have friends who can't wait for the cooler weather to come. And I have to admit even I get excited about the fall coffee flavors at Dunkin' and Honey Dew ^.^ For those who don't know... my blood type is coffee... LOL.

If you like fall and the colors that come with it, take a look at this beautiful ArtFire Collection put together by JewelryByBeaJae. She was kind enough to include my Falling Leaves Toggle Bracelet so a huge thank you goes out to her.

ArtFire is always a great place to go if you're looking for special gifts. You can find many top notch artisans there. Make it part of your awesome-gift-giving arsenal, especially for the holidays, and you'll be known for the thoughtful and amazing presents you give to family and friends ;)


Ang! said...

My blood type was also once coffee, but I'm slowly weaning myself off!

Sorry about fall approaching so fast...I feel your pain. It's warm and summery here and I'm indescribably happy because of it! :-)

Debi said...

OMG I can't imagine even trying! Yeah, not happy about fall (as a matter of fact it is right now unseasonably in the 40's). Guess I should be in South Africa then! Cheers!