Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Attention Fellow Artisans: Keep More Money for Yourself by Selling on ArtFire


I want to share an important opportunity with other artisans today. Things are so tough for everyone in this economy, we need to make every penny count...and every penny does count.

So, I want to make sure that all you guys know about ArtFire. It's a marketplace for Hancrafted, Fine Art, Vintage, Design and Media items as well as Craft Supplies. It's like Etsy, actually a direct competitor. One of the reasons I chose ArtFire over Etsy was fees. For a low monthly fee you can sell an unlimited number of items on ArtFire. They don't charge you to list items, don't charge a fee when you sell items...they just don't nickel and dime you (hello eBay...hello Etsy).

I know that most artisans sell on Etsy. I have an account, but I just use it to buy from artists who only sell their products on Etsy...mostly lampwork glass artists (my addiction to lampwork glass beads is a whole huge topic for another

Anyway, the buzz is that many people are unhappy with Etsy's fees and a host of other things. I can't verify the complaints because I don't sell there. However, I do want to let everyone know they have other options.

I've been happy with ArtFire and everything they offer. I have a Pro account with a "locked-in-for-life" rate (another great thing they do to save you money). I must say I've been very impressed with the ranking my items get at the search engines (another reason I chose them)...most of the time first page. And I get great exposure on TheFind thanks to ArtFire, too.

I know that it's not as well known as Etsy and eBay and most people may have never heard of ArtFire, but the more of us who sell there, the better it will get because the word will spread. Look into it, compare it to where you're selling now and maybe add it to the mix to try it out.

Right now they're having a promotion. You can Become an ArtFire Pro with this link and get your 3rd month free! If you use this link to sign up, I also get a free month AND until March 15th, whenever a new member referred by a current member (hence the tracking link) signs up for an account they're both entered in ArtFire's Share the Love contest to each win a Canon Rebel DSLR Camera!!!

So if you've been contemplating trying other selling venues, this would be a great time for you to try ArtFire.

I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on the various selling venues...and one I just recently heard about...Zibbet. If you have ideas or thoughts that you think would be helpful to others, please do share :) Thanx!

~ Debi

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