Wednesday, June 22, 2011

June 2011 Jewelry for Charity Set "The Spirit and Strength of Who Dat Nation"

Hey ladies!

It's been a little crazy over here and I haven't been posting so let's catch up! I finally finished the June Charity Set and got it up on the website a wee bit late...the perfectionist in me had to have EXACTLY the parts I wanted so I was at the mercy of the post

This month was exciting for me because, for the first time, someone took me up on my standing invitation to suggest a charitable cause!! My friend, Nicole from Candles 4 Cures who lives in Louisiana told me how much people down there are STILL suffering and asked if I would do something for the Katrina victims because they do still need help. Excellent idea! Since she lives down there and knows what charity helps their communities the most, I also asked her to choose the charity that the donation would go to. She selected The Brees Dream Foundation... Drew Brees's charity.

I remember the celebration, cheering, happiness and, most of all, the feelings of hope and inspiration that seemed to flow through New Orleans after the Saints won the Super Bowl. I'm a Patriots fan as you all know, but I've never been happier about another team winning than I was that day. And I truly feel that win imparted a sense of strength and revived the spirit of those who were so horribly affected by Katrina.

My goal when designing this jewelry was to try to capture that and materialize it. So of course the jewelry had to be in the black and gold of the Saints' Who Dat Nation... Here's to you New Orleans... we have not forgotten you!!

The Spirit & Strength of Who Dat Nation Bracelet and Earrings OOAK

You can read more about the jewelry set on it's web page... Enjoy!!

Many thanks to Nicole for the suggestion! And the invitation is still open... I do a charity Piece every month :)

♥ Debi


Lisa said...

Your donation piece is gorgeous! I am a Saints fan, have always been a Saints fan! I agree with you, winning the Super Bowl that year was just what the City of New Orleans needed. It is a shame, however, that people are still suffering. Thanks for shedding a little light on a situation that still needs attention.

Debi said...

Thank you very much Lisa!! I started rooting for the Saints as soon as the Patriots were out and I was SO happy when they won. I cried tears of joy watching the post-game footage on the streets of New Orleans because you could just feel the infusion of positive energy right through the TV screen... the look on peoples' faces, the cheers and happiness...something they hadn't felt in so long. I really tried to capture the feelings that I witnessed that night when I designed this set. I'm glad you like it and appreciate you taking the time to tell me :) I agree that it's an atrocity the suffering still going on there and I feel good doing my part to let people know and hopefully get some more help to them.